The Hateful 8 Review

I saw The Hateful 8 a few weeks ago and I debated seeing it a second time. I found it entertaining with a lot of great characters. I have heard mixed reviews so far concerning Tarantino’s latest film. Some find a lot to like both on and beneath the surface of the film. Others seem to be disappointed with the movie. I can tell you that the movie is amazing. Whether you see it in 70mm or not is beside the point. I consider myself lucky to be living when Tarantino is still creating movies.

Dialogue in this film has a strange feel to it. Tarantino has always been known for writing unique characters, but I feel that some character lines in The Hateful 8 were overly sensationalized. Tarantino may be trying too hard to make his characters controversial. This was especially apparent in the way that Walton Goggins’ character Chris Mannix speaks. I am used to Goggins’ role in the TV series Justified where he plays a silently menacing character. The sparse dialogue in Justified enables Goggins’ words to have more impact. In the Hateful 8, Goggins is a much more theatrical type of person. It was obvious that Goggins was delivering written lines because the words were simply too well formed and dramatic. Dialogue that sounds too much like writing signals that a movie is not concerned with appearing like reality.

When Channing Tatum shows up in this movie’s third act, it feels out of place. He is simply too recognizable to exist in the same world as the other characters. Someone should have given him more scars or changed the way he talks. It will be interesting to see how people react to Channing Tatum’s presence in this movie in the coming years, as he continues to establish his own unique brand.

I have no issues with anything resembling sexism or racism in the film. The film does depict these ideas but this does not make me upset. The film exists in its own world. The constant condemnations of The Hateful 8 on the grounds that it is sexist or racist remind me that I live in an overly sensitive culture where people have nothing better to do than point out how something upsets them. I am sad when this reaction occurs because movies should be as shocking as possible. 

These are my thoughts on The Hateful 8. Tarantino may be showing some signs of age, however this is an excellent film that cinephiles will consider required viewing. The movie is long but it never overstays its welcome. There is always something interesting to look at and the film will reward repeat viewings. Tarantino is an incredibly talented filmmaker. No matter what you think of him as a person, you cannot deny his talent for creating entertainment. Hopefully there are many more Tarantino films in our future.



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