On Krampus

I like that make me feel scared. I understand that many people do not enjoy this feeling. The first time I watched a horror movie, I did not get the appeal. Why would I want to feel like something bad is about to happen? Over time you become used to this feeling and even start to enjoy it. “Horror” movies create feelings that other movies never evoke. For this reason, I believe that horror movies are special.

Krampus, is a film directed by Michael Dougherty and stars Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner as family members trapped in a house on Christmas. What begins as a power outage morphs into a full-on siege by assorted satanic creatures lead by the titular Krampus. Krampus and his henchmen kill members of the family for being bad on Christmas.

Parts of this movie are a lot of fun. I found myself not caring that much about any of the characters. Except for the youngest child Max, Krampus kills at random. Many characters exist simply to be killed in a satisfying way. I’m not the biggest fan of the holidays, so I found some entertainment watching occult-inspired holiday monsters devouring right-wing macho hummer-drivers and obese bullies. The movie succeeds on this level. There is a pure joy in watching bad people being killed in interesting ways.

I find myself wishing that Krampus had taken more risks. Its violence operates in the PG-13 realm. More brutality would have given this movie an edge. People shoot guns constantly, but there is barely any blood or horrific bodily consequences. This lack of realistic violence soured soured the movie in my opinion.

Krampus is worth a watch for anyone who claims to be a horror fan. Don’t expect much gore but do expect some satisfaction at the expense of christmas spirit. This movie is worth the price of a matinee ticket and I would also reccommend seeing it on a large screen.


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